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Service Specialization

Accounting & Finance Services

Finance professionals in the "back office" are frequently required to interact with customers: we ensure those interactions demonstrate service excellence.

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Process & IT Innovation

For the Financial Back Office

Too many finance teams are reliant on legacy systems and outdated processes, with fewer than a quarter even fully digitized. This high level of manual processing is not only costly and slow, but it results in inconsistencies and a high error rate.

Modern back offices are frequently required to interact with customers — such as Account reconciliations (credits and debits) or cash applications to ensure your customer accounts are current — blurring the line between front and back offices. Our customer service experience enables us to handle these delicate aspects of the back office with care, resulting in extraordinary SLAs.

In addition to our finance and accounting services, also provide end-to-end Order to Cash (OTC) services.

Order-to-Cash Management

Our Finance & Accounting Services

Order Release Management

We'll get the product out on time & ensure the customer & supplier know what to expect.

Sales Order Processing

However orders are placed, we'll ensure they're processed quickly.

Account Reconciliation

Credits & debits, we'll make sure the numbers match up accurately.

Delinquency Management

Requiring both a delicate touch & firm hand, our experienced staff know how to get accounts on track.

Consignment Billing

Ensuring you get paid when customers take your products off the shelves.

Adjustments & Collections

We believe in a relationship-based collections process & aim to maintain a sense of partnership with the customer.

Cash Application

Matching payments with invoices & ensuring accounts are accurately reconciled.

Escheatment Process

Ensuring customers apply their account credits so it doesn't get taxed as revenue.

Allowance for Doubtful Accounts

When everything has been tried, we'll prepare your doubtful accounts as write-offs.


One of the most routine & mundane yet vital business functions.

Payroll Management

Keeping morale up by paying employees accurately & on-time.

AP/AR Management

All your expenses will be paid on time, but we'll impress you with faster time to cash.

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Automating Finance Functions

As a technology company, we take advantage of the latest automation technologies & pass the efficiencies onto you...

Invoice to Purchase Order Automation

Automate the invoice-to-purchase order process in QuickBooks, including error detection.

High Volume Task Automation

Tasks that might take human employees hours can be performed by bots in mere minutes

Deduplication & Record Validation

Bots and AI can be used to keep all of your systems of record up-to-date & accurate when new data is gathered

Payroll Accounting

Bots can handle anything rule-based, including complex project-based accounting systems

Supply Chain Automations

Using trends and predictive analytics to always know where you need product, so you can maximize revenue

Auditing & Regulatory Compliance 

Bots always adhere to the process with 100% compliance and fewer errors, ensuring your organization is protected

Interested in standalone financial automation services for your team?

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Continuous Improvement with Our Center of Excellence

Custom Solutions

Our Center of Excellence (COE) deepens its partnership with you by analyzing your current processes & applying customized solutions to deliver specific improvements.

Explore the TRACE COE

Sustainable Growth

Improvements can include everything from workforce and management training to process improvements that are sustainable and adaptable for the long haul.

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