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Although back offices play a crucial role in supply chains, they do not receive enough innovation. We'll turn yours into a source of strength...

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No Weak Links in the Chain

Bring Supply Chain Innovation to Your Back Office

When it comes to supply chain management, it's usually the "front office" that gets the most attention. There are robots in warehouses moving and counting goods, machine learning (ML) is used at manufacturing sites to detect quality defects, and self-driving trucks are in the pipeline.

But what about the "back office," where 20-25% of supply chain personnel work, and which has a major impact on overall efficiency?

Is Excel still your go-to tool? Hand-filling orders or tracking inventory by hand? Predicting demand without machine learning? How much time is wasted scanning documents and entering data? All of these opportunities are apparent without knowing the particulars of your business.

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Reduce Operational Risk

While Improving Supply Chain Efficiency

You've already felt the shortage in supply chain talent, with the huge spike in retirements and back office staff choosing to leave the field for "more meaningful work." Perhaps you've already felt the shockwave move through your remaining team, as increased workloads led to further employees giving notice.

At Solugenix, we understand this problem can only be solved holistically. You can't keep top talent if you've got them working in Excel. We were able to solve this problem by providing a place for elite supply chain analysts to test their skills alongside the latest technology the industry has to offer. 

And you can have access to that talent and our accumulated best practices, while eliminating the operational risk of maintaining your own back office.

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Our Supply Chain Expertise

Poorly placed warehouses result in years of inefficient truck routes, while misjudged demand can result in substantial losses. We have the systems & expertise to get it right...

Network Planners

Generating strategy & design ideas to build & improve your supply chain networks

Inventory & Consignment Managers

Ensuring your products are in the right place at the right time, using a mix of AI & human intelligence

Sourcing & Procurement Specialists

Building relationships with product suppliers, negotiating deals & drafting contracts

Transportation Analysts

Planning the most cost-effective methods for transporting goods without sacrificing efficiency or timelines

Trade Compliance Experts

Ensuring compliance with the global regulations regarding the import and export of products, services & technology

Specialized Labor Needs

Building & training our team to service your unique & complex supply chain.

The Solugenix Advantage

Our experienced teams, proven methodology & partnership approach result in reduced risk, improved stability & more efficient supply chains...

Deep Technology Expertise

We aren't just another managed service provider, we're a technology consulting firm that will transform your back office & keep it on the leading edge.

Focus on Your Core Business

Keep your focus on strategic initiatives with the understanding that your back office operations will not take time and money away from your core objectives.


Solugenix is a support partner whose services scale up and down based on your business needs. We can serve rapid growth and expansion & absorb the operational risk of retaining staff.

Reduced Year-on-Year Expenses

Combining dedicated technology experts, tools and processes with a customized approach results in lean operations with new efficiencies and predictable, fixed monthly costs that reduce year-on-year expenses.

Our Center of Excellence

A unique framework for continuous optimization has been applied to every aspect of our service operation: TRACE

Rapidly Digitize Operations

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, we'll bring your back office operations to the leading edge.

Continuous Optimization

Engineering is in our DNA. By learning, experimenting, documenting & then scaling, we improve methodically & consistently.

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Automation for Supply Chains

RPA in Supply Chain can be used to predict outcomes and support complex decision making, helping employees with more than just rote tasks...

Order Processing & Payments

Streamline product selection, payment processing & order placement confirmations

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Email Automation

Communicate with suppliers, manufacturers, transportation service agencies & customers

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Inventory Management

Track inventory levels, notify managers when stocks are low & automatically reorder products

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Shipment Status Communication

Bots can open the email, assess the customer's needs, log into the ERP, & communicate the status to the customer

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Supply & Demand Planning

Machine Learning and AI enable organizations to predict demand and cater to the unexpected

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Vendor Selection

People are only required to specify the project, generate a list of vendors & engage in negotiations

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