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Order-to-Cash Management

We provide end-to-end Business Process Optimization (BPO) for customer service and Order to Cash (OTC).

Order, Consignment & Warranty Management
Accounts Receivables (AR) Management
Customer & Technical Support Management

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Eliminating Leaks in the Bucket

Efficient & Delightful Experiences from Order to Cash

Order-to-Cash (OTC) is the entire set of business processes from receiving the order up to the point payment is received and logged in your accounting system. But we take this one step further by offering technical and customer support, ensuring every link in the customer service experience is optimized.

We possess the process maturity to do all of these elements extremely well, but it's our customer service experience when handling the delicate aspects of the business that makes Solugenix the ideal partner. We operate with precision and deliver extraordinary SLAs. Schedule a call and we'll show you how.

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Order & Warranty Claims Management

New Account Setup & Support

Customer Master Management — we'll ensure the information is accurate & up-to-date.

Sales Order Processing

However orders are placed, we'll ensure they're processed quickly.

Sales Order Management

After an order has been placed, the work begins — and we make sure everyone knows what to do to get it done.

Device & Product Tracking

When you need to know which shelves your products are on, for example pharmaceuticals, we'll track that for you.

Fulfillment Logistics Coordination

Get your products to their destinations on-time or ahead of schedule.

Warranty Enrollment Intake

Helping customers sign up for product & service warranties.

Warranty Claims & Complaints

When things go wrong, we'll get the right service team on the job & handle the complaints with service excellence.

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Consignment Management

Consignment Account Management

Setting up & maintaining your customer accounts with accurate & up-to-date information.

Field Sales Inventory Management

We'll work with your field sales team to do inventory checks & invoice customers when products are off the shelf.

Consignment Audits

Routinely checking products for expirations or defects that need to be pulled off the shelf.

PAR Level Maintenance

Keeping consistent inventory levels on the shelf based on your contract and the customer's needs.


Maintenance of the consignment shelf — we'll pull products that are past their shelf-life.

Consignment Billing

Ensuring you get paid when customers use your products is what it's all about!

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Accounts Receivables (AR) Management

Order Release Management

We'll get the product out on time & ensure the customer & supplier know what to expect.

Account Reconciliation

Ensuring your customer accounts are current & sales orders are continuously fulfilled.

Returns Management

Processing returns & handling complaints is an area of strength due to our vast customer support experience.

Delinquency Management

Requiring both a delicate touch & firm hand, our experienced staff know how to get accounts back on track.

Adjustments & Collections Management

We believe in a relationship-based collections process & aim to maintain a sense of partnership with the customer.

Cash Application

Matching payments with invoices & ensuring accounts are accurately reconciled.

Escheatment Process

Ensuring customers apply their account credits so it doesn't get taxed as revenue.

Allowance for Doubtful Accounts

When everything has been tried, we'll prepare your doubtful accounts as write-offs.

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Support Center & Customer Service Management

Solugenix is the Support Center partner dedicated to elevating your brand. We design your contact center solution to provide your customers with the best experience possible every time.

When choosing a partner for your support centers, you are partnering with an organization that will become the face of your business. That is why we dedicate ourselves to delivering great impressions and treating your customers like our own.

Solugenix Support Center Services can improve your service quality, alleviate regulatory concerns and fortify your brand’s positive image. Let us help you create exceptional customer experiences that make you stand out from the competition

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Continuous Improvement with Our Center of Excellence

Custom Solutions

Our Center of Excellence (COE) deepens its partnership with you by analyzing your current processes & applying customized solutions to deliver specific improvements.

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Sustainable Growth

Improvements can include everything from workforce and management training to process improvements that are sustainable and adaptable for the long haul.

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